About Me

My portrait. In the photo I'm sitting in a red chair, facing the camera, smiling. I'm wearing a red striped collared shirt. I have thin-framed glasses on.

Hello! I am a Front End Web Developer based in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy working in front end web development because I get to be part of solutions for everyday users.

My previous career was in communications at an investment firm, which means I am good at handling tight deadlines, managing online content, and focusing on the user's experience. I am eager to work at a company that tackles interesting and engaging problems.

When I'm away from my computer, I'm likely listening to a podcast, cracking open a good book, or practicing my omlette flip.



Agency API App

A group project where we used the SongKick and Musikki API's to create a collaborative curated list of upcoming concerts in a users area. The list is publicly shareable.

REST API Web Application

An interactive site that uses The MovieDB API to get a list of Nic Cage movies. A user selects from a "Cage Range" and the app provides a movie suggestion.

Responsive PSD Conversion

A responsive webpage built from a PSD template for Over, a mock-flower company.


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